John Lockwood is officially endorsed by The Partnership for New Kent 2030.

What People Are Saying

Just want to tell you how pleased we are at the outcome of the last supervisor meeting (August 12). May God reward you for all your good work and that of our fellow citizens of Barhamsville Hamlet! It is an answer to our prayers. You have our votes in November!
— Your Poor Clare Sisters, Bethlehem Monastery of Poor Clares

He is always giving his time to others first and then thinking of himself. I have absolutely no doubt that he will fight hard for the residents of District 5. It looks like we have a lot of things to fight for in our beautiful rural area. My husband, William King and I agree, get to know John and you will soon learn for yourself, he’s the man for the job. We often wonder when he sleeps! Vote John Lockwood in November!
— Melanie King

I agree, John Lockwood is a great citizen of the NK community and will serve with humility, accountability, and transparency!!!
—  Julie Coggsdale

I can think of no better person to elect to be the representative and voice of District 5. Without a doubt. John, you’ve got my vote!
—  Kevin Wright
A very selfless and amazing man! I am very excited for District 5.
—  Michael Pearson
Absolutely…wish I lived in District 5 so I could vote for him.
—  Terri Peterson
John Lockwood is the best person to serve as supervisor for district 5. He will get the job done! Not to mention he is just an all around super nice guy always willing to lend a helping hand.
—  Joanne Davis Wilkerson
I have seen John Lockwood in action and he is a man of high integrity and solid values, who works hard and selflessly for the good of all.
—  Charles Karow