Strategic Planning: I have recently been appointed to the Strategic Planning Steering committee as one of the representatives from the 5th District, to help draft our county’s first ever strategic plan. I believe it is a critical step in providing the clarity needed to determine the destiny of New Kent County. Having a strategic plan is the bedrock on which our comprehensive plan, and ultimately our county ordinances, are based. As a committee member, I will request the input of the citizens of the 5th District and New Kent at large to make sure our Strategic Plan is a good fit for our community.

Broadband Internet Access: Access to reliable and reasonably priced high speed broadband is not a luxury, it is a necessity in today’s world. It is the lifeblood of education, business, emergency services and quality of life. New Kent is in the exploratory stage of determining the best path for every citizen and business to have access to the next generation of high speed broadband internet service. Ultimately, fiber optic cable is the best option going forward. I am in favor of a co-op based approach in order to reduce costs and maintain control of quality of service.

Combat/Tactical Training Facility: I have been on record since the beginning of the challenge to stop the previous attempt of and prohibit the prospect of a Combat/Tactical training facility of the type proposed from ever coming to New Kent County. There is no location in the entire county that has enough land to safely allow one to operate. The destruction of property values and quality of life would put a stop to the future growth that is coming to New Kent County. I will continue to work through the ongoing process to make sure it never happens in our community.

Second Amendment: Our founding fathers had the wisdom to include the 2nd Amendment as one of our inalienable rights in order to defend ourselves from tyranny and aggression. As a gun owner, hunter and avid shooter, I will do whatever it takes to make sure that this right is never infringed upon.

Growth in the County: New Kent is nestled between two large metropolitan areas, Hampton Roads and Richmond. As the second fastest growing county in Virginia, it is imperative that growth be managed in such a way that we are able to maintain the rural and natural beauty that makes New Kent so attractive. The best way to accomplish this is to make sure that the majority of growth comes from business. The economic development strategy should be to pursue the types of businesses we want to come to the county instead waiting to see who shows up. Business tax revenue will shift the tax burden from residents without additional burdens to our services.

Transparency in the County Government: Transparency in a representative government is critical to insuring the trust of the citizens. It is not just about making information available, it is about making it easily available in a proactive way. Our county government should be looking for ways to bring information to the people instead of the citizens having to try to find it. I would like to see all public county meetings streamed live so the citizens are able to see their government in action with the click of a mouse or the tap on a screen. It is easy to accomplish and costs virtually nothing. I would also like to see the adoption of a rule to limit adding unscheduled items to meeting agendas other than emergency items.

Taxes: As a firm believer in limited government, I will work to keep taxes low and spending at responsible levels. The new revenue from Colonial Downs should be used to eliminate existing debt and added to a reserve fund so the necessity of future debt is reduced.